Weekly Wrap Up

Analysis isn’t about accumulating more information, but being able to discern between information that fits your preconceived ideas and information that is validated by reliable sources.

Published every Sunday, the Weekly Wrap Up looks at headlines that were not covered in the PDB. These scannings of the week’s events that are covered in the Weekly Wrap Up are selected for three reasons:

  1. Headlines are indicators of “weak signals” that could indicate critical emerging events or shifts in Chinese policy. (e.g. Party documents begin to include specific language like “China Dream” that portend an upcoming policy)
  2. Headlines represent “signposts”: events that are consistent with the types of steps that need to take place for a major event to come to fruition. (e.g. China builds airstrips in the South China Sea suggests that it plans to militarize the area)
  3. Headlines are important events to take note of as they will likely be remembered as “touchstones” in the future when similar event occurs. (e.g. Chinese tainted milk scandal is frequently evoked when discussing Chinese made exports)