Hong Kong’s New Legislative Blood

4 Sept. 2016 (5 Sept. US time) Hong Kong elected 30 pro-democracy candidates to the Legistlative Council, including prominent members from the 2014 Umbrella Revolution. With only 40 electable positions, Hong Kong has shown that it remains steadfast in its pro-independent ideals. … More Hong Kong’s New Legislative Blood


The Diplomatic Value in Hangzhou’s G20 Facelift

Hangzhou, China hosts the G20 summit on Sept. 4th. Despite various human rights groups’ insistence that world leaders utilize this opportunity to confront the PRC on unresolved humanitarian issues, the PRC has insisted that members of the G20 avoid sensitive topics or international disputes. Expect world leaders to comply. … More The Diplomatic Value in Hangzhou’s G20 Facelift

Car Bombing – Chinese Embassy Kyrgyzstan

30 Aug 16, 9:30 AM – Car bomb at Chinese Embassy Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan kills one injures two. Suspected that Uighur separatists are responsible, symbolically ahead of Kyrgyzstan’s 25th independence anniversary on 31 Aug. Expect immediate, prolonged communications blackout and escalated security restrictions in Xinjiang, China. … More Car Bombing – Chinese Embassy Kyrgyzstan