ChinaAnalyzed is committed to a singular mission: create better analyses on China.

In the pursuit of this mission this project fulfills many goals. It will become a space for many, long-overdo projects to finally come to fruition, serve as a portfolio of analytical work on China, house a myriad of resources and tools accumulated over the years, and be a platform to engage China watchers everywhere.

The reality of searching for content on China usually goes one of two ways: you either find yourself stuck in a barren wasteland of unrelated information or awash in a sea of too much information. ChinaAnalyzed seeks to strike a balance between these two extremes by economically crafting analyses that reflect the numerous reports, data, and opinions produced everyday.

ChinaAnalyzed offers many services. Featured prominently is the Public Daily Brief (PDB). Just like the President of the United States receives their daily brief, so too do China watchers need to stay in touch with contemporary events on the mainland. ChinaAnalyzed offers a basic scan of the weeks major events called the Weekly Wrap Up for those headline readers who just want a quick read without spending too much time.

Additional content like Global China, Book Reviews, and Futures Analysis are long-term projects that will require more effort, and will consequently appear less frequently than the PDB and Weekly Wrap Up.

-ChinaAnalyzed, Washington DC, 26 August 2016



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