Weekly Wrap up # 1 (29 Aug. – 4 Sept.)

Here are some of this week’s headlines not covered in the PDB, with my comments:

1) Obama-Xi meet ahead of G20 to ratify the Paris accord

2) China opens school on ‘Sansha city’ — UNCLOS law recognizes what is called the “principle of effectiveness,” i.e. acquisition of contested territory through prolonged, peaceful, and continuous display of authority.

3) New communist party chief in Xinjiang

4) Kerry says no military solution to South China Sea dispute — Nobody wants a military solution, but China’s military posturing in the SCS is critical in order to support their non-military actions…like building a school in Sansha City.

5) China’s Foreign Policy: Throwing out the Rule Book — (signals) China seems to be taking a more aggressive role in world under Xi Jinping. “[China] no longer talks about keeping a low profile…they say they haven’t abandoned that concept, but in my view…they have”

6) Beijing bans entertainment news that promotes Western lifestyles and celebrities, or pokes fun at Chinese values — Another benchmark in Xi’s sinification campaign of China.

7) Alipay forays into Europe via payment deal with Ingenico

8) China’s ‘Little Green Boats’ Have Japan on Alert — (signals) Old news with a new take: unconventional hybrid warfare seems to be on the go-to choice for Russia and China when dealing with sensitive international issues.

9) American Is Facing Spy Trial in China, and Husband Seeks Obama’s Help

10) China adds 7 new free trade zones


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